CHB 2019



Join us to find out innovative solutions to health and premium solutions to quality of life!


Marijan Gjukić
Founder and host of Convention Health Benefit

Dr. Marijan Gjukić focussing interdisciplinary communication between healthcare, tourism and insurances.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my pleasure to invite you to the 3rd Convention Health Benefit in Vienna, city of tourism, a gateway to the business and culture world. I am happy to contribute in improving communication between health and tourism, because tourism and health do not exclude each other – but they do not necessarily form a synergy!
I am asked to gather an international, multidisciplinary, independent sounding board. Providing opinions and solutions for sick people and their families as well as employers and the community is a mission of this sounding board.

Our goal for sick people is maintenance of independence and self-determination, thereby maintaining a normal family and social life rhythm.
Our goal for family, especially family caregivers are changes and adjustments in daily life, thereby maintaining a normal family life and preventing exhaustion.
Our goal for employers is keeping satisfaction of staff and productivity upright at the same time. Reducing direct and indirect burden of sickness absence.

Top experts will be challenged to provide you with their opinions and solutions in Vienna in December 2019!

Yours Marijan Gjukić


“Viennese Walz Show” as a sign of recognition and gratitude to clients and customers.


The best experts in interaction with delegats are focusing investments in health.


Meet old and greet new partners enjoying the imperial atmosphere and a pleasant entertaining program.

Why Hofburg?

Hofburg, a one-time imperial residence, is today used for a number of political, touristic, and cultural purposes, and — as of 2017 — is the seat of Austria’s parliament. Since the end of the monarchy in 1918, it has been used for ceremonial balls and concerts.

Why Vienna?

Vienna is a tourism city, a gateway to the business and culture world.

Why December?

During the Advent time Vienna is at its best, dressed up and decorated like a fairy tale. This enjoyable and exceptional Christmas atmosphere, combined with the authentic rooms of the famous palaces are the background to our 3. Convention.