The Hot Facts are opinions, interviews, duels and panel discussions that are recorded on the 1st Convention Health Benefit in December 2017 with the purpose to challenge opinion-makers and experts all over the world to join us. As a result, experts from all continents shared their knowledge at our 2nd Convention 2018!

Healthy Image

Subject: Employee motivation or customer satisfaction?
Challenge: What is more important?
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Stigmatization in tourism

Subject: Financial impact on the stigmatization of sick people in tourism.
Challenge: Uncover hidden opportunities!
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Healthy Business

Subject: Buying health vs. prevention.
Challenge: How to reduce long-term sickness absence in your business?
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Subject: Visits to the doctor vs. telemedicine.
Challenge: Protect patient privacy and data security!
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8 reasons why people travel for health

Subject: Interview with Dr. Fawzi Al-Hammouri, honorary president of the Global Healthcare Travel Council (GHTC)
Category: Experts opinion
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Driving attention and creating demand

Subject: All year round market presence and success!
Category: Prestigious and exclusive presentation formats!