Convention Health Benefits 2017

Dr. Marijan Gjukić
Founder and host of Convention Health Benefits

Dr. Marijan Gjukić is an MD as well as a “holistic thinker” and solution-finder, manager and project developer with great communication skills and a branched-out network. He focussing interdisciplinary communication between healthcare, tourism and insurances.
Founder of the Health Benefits Initiative.

Mag. Peter Reinbacher
An expert in the insurance sector for preventive healhcare

Mag. Peter Reinbacher is the founder and CEO of the Providere GmbH. He is expert in company pension plan systems, as well as in the insurance sector for preventive healhcare.

Mark T. Hofmann
Economic profiler and a mentalist

Mark T. Hofmann is an economic Profiler and a mentalist – he reads the thoughts of his audience and predicts what they will do next. Mark T. Hofmann had lead the evening at the Convention Health Benefit 2017 and present parts of his Mentalist-Show!

Prof. Stjepan Orešković
Director of the WHO-Collaborating-Center

Professor Stjepan Orešković is a behavioral scientist and tenured professor. He is Fellow at Harvard Medical School Department of  Global Health and Social Medicine. He also worked as a consultant for international organizations such as The World Bank, EU Commission, and WHO.

Dr. Andrea Vincenzo Braga
Chairman of the Austrian, and Vice-president of the Swiss Society for Telemedicine and eHealth

Dr. Andrea Vincenzo Braga is working exactly on the cutting point between medicine and business. He is doctor and CEO of bragamed GmbH and consultant for the „Hauptverband der Sozialversicherungen“ in Austria. He is chairman of the Austrian Scientific Society for Telemedicine & eHealth and vice-president of the Swiss Society for Telemedicine and eHealth.

Dr. Fawzi Al-Hammouri
Jordan Meetings & Conferences Ambassador

Dr. Al-Hammouri is the Chairman of the board & GM of the Specialty Hospital in Amman, Jordan. He is the Chairman of the Private Hospitals Association (PHA) in Jordan, as well as the  honorary president of the Global Healthcare Travel Council (GHTC).

Gabriela Hösl
Expert in Ambient Assisted Living

Gabriela Hösl has a longtime experience as a nurse, amongst others in leading positions, and is furthermore well connected in organizations for wound management. She had her own practice and has furthermore published a guide for the care sector.

Ingo Ingram
Chairman of the Friedensflotte Salzburg

Ingo Ingram is chairman of the Mirno More Friedensflotte Salzburg. It is the biggest social sailing project in Europe. In total more than one hundred sailing boats from twenty nations are participating. Especially children and youngsters with disabilities are participating in this fleet of peace.

Convention Health Benefits 2018

Marijan Gjukić
Founder and host of Convention Health Benefits
Dr. Marijan Gjukić focussing interdisciplinary communication between healthcare, tourism and insurances.
“Almost 30 years ago, I was treating local patients as well as tourists at my private medical practice in Croatia. During the last 15 years, I have gathered international, intercontinental, and intercultural experiences in Austria.
The stigmatization of patients in tourism, as well as the failure of interdisciplinary communication, were „triggers “ for the campaign “Health Benefit”. Seriously ill people can lead a proactive life, whether they living at home or on the holidays. That is why I have, with idealism and joy, placed my competencies on the market through Health Benefits Initiative!”
Petra Reinbacher
Chair of the Medicon Forum and host of Convention Health Benefits
Petra Reinbacher is successful at building a strong professional network in different countries and able to establish sustainable and profitable relationships with customers, suppliers and stakeholders across the world.
A results-driven, self-motivated and resourceful businesswoman, possessing excellent communication and organizational capabilities. Management professional experienced in leading and growing all sectors of a business to make it a dynamic and progressive organization.
To escape this burning of time and money Petra Reinbacher-Gjukic defined some business rules and pathways. She is convinced of the value she adds to your business in a way that she even is giving a sustainability guarantee.
Ruža Tomašić
Chair of the Sounding Board
Ruža Tomašić is a Croatian politician and member of the European Parliament.
At the Police Academy Ontario Police College, she proved to be one of the top students in her class, especially in the practice of martial arts. She worked on the suppression of drugs and of juvenile delinquency.
For her exceptional contribution to the fight against corruption and organized crime in Croatia she was awarded with the national decoration for bravery “Stjepan Radić” in 2010.
During her political career, she was elected two times as a member of the Croatian Parliament while in 2013 and 2014 she was elected member of the European Parliament, winning the highest number of preferential votes on her list.
She is a full member of the European Parliament’s Committee on Fisheries (PECH) and the European Parliament’s Committee on Regional Development (REGI).
Torsten Zuberbier
Chairman of the Development Board
Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. Torsten Zuberbier – Spokesman of the Comprehensive Allergy Center Charité, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Professional affiliations
ECARF (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation) – Foundation Director
GA²LEN (Global Allergy and Asthma European Network) – Secretary-General
ARIA (Allergic Rhinitis and its Impact on Asthma) – Member of the task force from the world health organization (WHO) and chief of the reference center in Germany
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Allergie- und Immunitätsforschung – member of the board of directors
Clinical and Experimental Dermatology – a member of the editorial board
Allergo Journal – a member of the scientific advisory board
EDF (European Dermatology Forum) – a member of the guidance task force
DDG (Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft) – member of the working group of the managing board of “DDG Kompakt”
WAO (World Allergy Organization) – a member of the special committee for allergy diagnosis and molecular allergy and member of the special committee for skin allergies of the WAO
Stern – voluntary advisor
Helmut Peter
Chairman of the Senate
Kommerzialrat Helmut Peter was a long-time president of the Austrian Hotelier Assocication (ÖHV) and representative at the National Assembly, he has a voice in Austrian economic and tourism policies. After handing over operative management to the fifth generation, Gudrun Peter, he is still active today as managing director of the family-owned company.

The number one address in the Salzkammergut resort area is the romantic hotel “Im Weissen Rössl”. World famous through the operetta “The white horse inn” from Ralph Benatzky. You will find Austrian tradition combined with modern lifestyle and the unique situation directly at the Wolfgangsee.
Annagrazia Laura
Chair of the session "Stigmatisation in tourism"
Annagrazia Laura is a president of ENAT – European Network for Accessible Tourism. She graduated in Political Sciences, after a career in Marketing Information and Planning Office at Alitalia Airlines. In 1993 she joined COIN (Cooperative Integrate Onlus and then Consorzio Sociale COIN), an organization involved in creating job opportunities for people with disabilities, also through accessible tourism, where she had the responsibility to develop the Group’s Tourism Dept. at national and international level.
Ilaria Giannico
UEHP – European Union of Private Hospitals
Graduated in Italy and Belgium, and trained at international level, Ms Ilaria Giannico holds an Advanced Master in Interdisciplinary Analysis of European Construction and she speaks four languages. Ms Giannico joined UEHP in July 2016. She is experienced in EU Affairs and EU funding programmes. Her professional background includes the collaboration with the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce and the activity at Confindustria Delegation to the EU, working in close relationship with the EU institutions.
Alen Vidović
President of the NGO Association "With wind throught silence"
I work as a program manager of rehabilitation and orthopedics at the firm “Orto Rea”.
I am the President of the Association “With the Wind Through Silence”.
Through regular work I organize and implement the procurement and supply of orthopedic aids and rehabilitation programs for people with disabilities.
Through the association I organize the organization of sailing, diving, swimming and other activities in, on and around the sea for people with disabilities.
Matija Domijan
Project Development Consultant in the field of EU funds
As a Project Development Consultant, he works on improving the quality of the client ideas, developing project proposals for grant applications, developing pre-feasibility studies for structural funds, developing marketing plans and investing and business plans for companies, developing projects for European Social fund, working on development of external evaluations of programs and projects and development of strategic development documents of the Units of Regional and Local Self-government Committee.
Zrinka Lovrenčić
Chair of the session "Healthy image"
Management consultant, business leader and authority on what makes great workplaces, Zrinka Lovrencic is the Managing Director of Great Place to Work Australia.
Since 2008, Zrinka has been helping Australia’s best become great across a variety of industries working with them to assess their workplace cultures and support them as they seek to transform their organisations.
As the MD of Great Place to Work Australia, Zrinka is the curator of the BRW Best Places to Work list published each year, is a featured speaker on workplace trends and management strategies.
Antun Ranko Pezelj
Antun Ranko Pezelj is a pharmacist with enormous experience on one of the most famous Croatian islands, Lošinj. He also worked at Agency of Medicinal Products and Medical Devices of Croatia, he is co-founder and the first president of the Croatian Pharmacy Students’ Association as well as co-founder and the first chairman of the Young Pharmacists’ group – Croatia. He is active member of Croatian Chamber of Pharmacists and Rotary Club.
Gabriela Hösl
Expert in Ambient Assisted Living
Gabriela Hösl has a longtime experience as a nurse, amongst others in leading positions, and is furthermore well connected in organizations for wound management. She had her own practice and has furthermore published a guide for the care sector.
Caludia Schwarzkopf
CEO of the “Schwarzkopf Institute”
Dipl. Biochemist Claudia Schwarzkopf is a hospital hygienist and executive director of the “Schwarzkopf Institute.” The “Schwarzkopf Institute” focuses on hospital hygiene consulting, continuing medical education, and expert appraisals partnering with clinics, hospitals and private industry. Furthermore, she also organizes the well-attended “HWX-Kongress,” a hygiene and wound care congress focused both on patients and the staff caring for them.
Miriam Strauss
Doctor & Management Consultant
Lateral thinking – solution-oriented – pragmatic – creative; That´s how Miriam describes herself.
Dr. Strauss studied medicine in Vienna and was trained as a specialist in psychiatry and neurology. She was Senior physician of the drug institute at the Otto Wagner Hospital and Psychotherapist. She has years of experience as training manager and sales manager in the pharmaceutical industry. Since 2000 she is working as independent Trainer, Moderator and Systemic Consultant.
Irena Zakarija-Grković
Cochrane Croatia - Evidence-based healthcare
Dr. Irena Zakarija-Grkovic is a qualified general practitioner and breastfeeding specialist. After working 12 years in Australia, Irena now lives with her family in Split, Croatia, where she teaches at the University of Split School of Medicine and leads Cochrane Croatia. Dr. Zakarija-Grkovic is a leading breastfeeding educator, researcher and advocate.
Claudia Niemann
Expert in dementia and the integration of people with dementia and cognitive impairment in society
Claudia Niemann is a nurse who has worked in particular for the optimal accompaniment of people with dementia in the hospital. She also created a concept for it and implemented it! She is a trainer for integrative validation, kinesthetic specialist. Mrs. Niemann also works as a technical consultant for institutions and local communities for better assist people with dementia and tries to achieve better acceptance in society for this group of people.
Marijan Abramović
The protection of workers' rights
Marijan Abramović, a young attorney trainee and a Healthy Image procurator, is in this section to provide an unusual look at workers’ rights. Namely, he was dealing with the issue of abuse of sick leave.
Andrea Vincenzo Braga
Chairman of the session "Telemedicine"
Dr. Andrea Vincenzo Braga is working exactly on the cutting point between medicine and business. He is doctor and CEO of bragamed GmbH and consultant for the „Hauptverband der Sozialversicherungen“ in Austria. He is chairman of the Austrian Scientific Society for Telemedicine & eHealth and vice-president of the Swiss Society for Telemedicine and eHealth.
Jadranka Božikov
Professor of Public Health
Jadranka Božikov is a Full Professor in the field of Public Health and Health Care at the School of Medicine, University of Zagreb, Croatia. She is recently retired after being director of the Andrija Štampar School of Public Health and Head of the Department for Medical Statistics, Epidemiology and Medical Informatics. She participated in several internationally supported projects intended for capacity building in Public Health and medical education and represented her School in the Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region (ASPHER). She contributed to the development of PhD program in Biomedicine and Health Sciences established as a third cycle of higher education in 2003 in line with Bologna process
Nikhil Ranjan Nayak
DGM-IT, Corporate IT & Systems, Apollo Hospitals Int. Ltd.
Broad-based exposure as a Functional Analyst and Subject Matter Expert in implementation of designed and developed healthcare ERP product applications, as well as providing end-to-end solutions. Adroit in product implementation, business requirement documentation, functional specification documentation, fitment and gap analysis documentation, SRS writing and functional testing Exhibited exceptional abilities in leading teams in ERP product development lifecycle from inception to maturity, strategic planning, business process re-engineering (BPR), and business continuity planning (BCP) and defining continuous improvement processes for healthcare product applications.
Valentina Jovanoska
VaLea clinical trials
Experienced medical professional with strong background and expertise in patient care, clinical trials and commercial services. Expert in managing and monitoring patient support services at a country level in accordance with international and local regulations. Intimate understanding of patient centric care and support services having worked directly with patients as a nurse. Successful at networking and collaborating with all medical and non-medical professionals in a constructive and professional manner. Enthusiastic and results driven self-starter with passion for helping patients gain better quality of life
Susan Wozniak
Systematic care approaches for health care facilities and private industry
Dr. Susan E. Wozniak is a physician whose clinical practice spectrum encompasses geriatric surgery, wound care and integrative medicine with the majority of her practice focused in the post-acute care setting. Dr. Wozniak also keeps busy as a consultant and knowledge expert in systematic care approaches for health care facilities and private industry helping to optimize quality improvement, adherence to regulations, research innovation and medical education
Tajana Lovrić
Project Development Sales Manager for EU funding
Tajana Lovrić is a Project Development Sales Manager, working on a business processes, assessing the needs of organizations for EU funding, explaining the process of applying for the open calls, making opinions on compliance with tender ideas, and creating PJR tenders for various project development services, project applications, feasibility studies, marketing strategies, evaluation and improvement of project ideas.
Stefan Krastev
Blockchain technology
Stefan’s main interests are in the topics of globalization, internationalization and decentralization. An Estonian digital citizen, Stefan’s main background is as a consultant and project manager on the matters of internationalization for some major colleges and NGOs across England, Scotland and Wales; as well as work on various social projects in Europe and internationally.

Convention Health Benefits 2019

Dr. Sabina Stan
Professor in Sociology and Anthropology
Dr. Sabina Stan is an Assistant Professor in Sociology and Anthropology at the School of Nursing, Psychotherapy and Community Health at Dublin City University, Ireland.
Her more recent research and publications have explored collective action in response to healthcare privatization in Europe, and cross-border patient mobility in the context of east-west intra-European migration and the uneven European healthcare space. Currently, she is also acting as Senior Social Scientist in an ERC-funded project looking at labor politics and the new European economic governance in healthcare.
Dr. Marijan Gjukić
Convention Health Benefits Host
Dr. Marijan Gjukić is the mastermind behind the Health Benefits Initiative and the Spiritus Movens of company MD Medicon. Marijan´s strength is providing solutions and troubleshooting health-related problems in a changing and demanding international and intercultural business environment.
In the last 30 years, his job was to collect the best specialists and organize a network to provide a modern and innovative approach to health care services and products.
Siniša Cmrk
The World Optimism Day Initiative
Sinisa Cmrk is the co-founder of the World Optimism Day Initiative.
He is the author of a TV program for children in Croatia and a writer for children.
He is an Optimist.
The presentation of the World Optimism Day Initiative aims to raise awareness of the importance of each of us in contributing to changing the world for the better.